Gun Control?

So this whole gun control thing is way out of hand. I modestly submit a proposal here that may solve the problem. Let us honor the Second Amendment in the true spirit our founding fathers intended! I'd suggest that anyone who carries a gun should be at all times be mandated to carry a full sized sword, which was certainly the expectation in 1776. This will let everyone know who is carrying a gun, and it would, of course, allow a person with a gun an essential back-up should the original method of self protection fail. I can see no objection to this. Or better yet, let us consider the early automobiles. Taking our lead from them we should mandate that anyone carrying a weapon must be accompanied by someone carry a red flag. This would alert the rest of us to the danger, and help solve unemployment at the same time. The red flags would help to brighten even the dullest of urban landscapes and be regarded as a boon to flag makers everywhere. These two practical suggestions should by no means be disregarded. Sword makers throughout the United States have been in a terrible slump for decades, now, and deserve a helping hand. Likewise flag makers need a break from the millions of Stars and Stripes they churn out each year to celebrate our country, and we could, in this way, reclaim a sizable portion of the flag making industry from China and other places. Personally I stand to make no profit from either of these suggestions, except for knowing that I have done the country I love a service.