The pictures speak loudly to those of us who weren't there: Young(ish) white men on one side, women and men and even children of all different colors on the other. What we must remember is that the Far Right is really very small. They love the publicity and they want to feel powerful -- the one thing they aren't. They do this by getting ready for "battle" - just look at the stuff those guys carry! Then they fight and prove themselves stronger, at least in their own minds. Women and men and children want to protest injustice; they want to break heads. So - what does one do? Protest is good, because it gives them push-back and a reality check. But it needs to be overwhelming protest, as in 50 to 1, or they'll simply see it as an offer to fisticuffs. The Brown Shirts were especially coercive when roaming groups of 30 or so would target two or three citizens, or hurl rocks at shop windows. Can you imagine if they'd met Gandhi-like waves of non-violent resisters?