Manifesting – Youtube

The other day a man who'd seen one of my Youtube videos about manifesting wrote to me to ask why, since he loved sunny weather so much, he couldn't manifest more of it. I laughed at his good humor, of course; yet behind it lay something that's worth considering. You see, he was facetiously saying that manifesting doesn't work because he can't change the weather. The fault was therefore with manifesting. Yet perhaps manifesting can change everything if we look at it differently. What he seemed to want was sunny days ready to order. But the truth is he could manifest good weather at any time by moving to a different location of his choice. He might have to manifest some money, first, and then take action, but he could get what he wanted any time he set his mind to it. The core of manifesting is that we have to take action and use what the universe sends us. We can't be passive. We can't wait for someone else to make it happen. If you truly want sunny weather or snowy slopes or whatever, then set your intention. Declare that this is what matters to you. Then take action. The Universe will manifest along side you. But if you focus on how lousy the weather is, and how much you hate it, then the universe will hear that you've placed all your energy on bad weather -- and obligingly will send you more of the same. You'll be manifesting there too, but it won't be what you want.