Archetypes – and Trump

Readers of these pages will know about the six archetypes. Let's see how this applies to our President. Of the six, Trump is clearly the Orphan. He needs to be liked; he will tell lies to make himself look better; he is a bully; he operates within a strict structure that involves putting money first - since he believes money is prestige, and status is what he wants. He loves seeing his name everywhere, since that reassures him he's real. The Orphan is about the least developed of the archetypes. It is a stage that has to be learned from so that the individual can grow. Alas! The negative orphan doesn't always want to grow up. The trouble with this negative aspect of the Orphan archetype is that it's a bit like having an unruly 7 year old at all times. Such a child can do a fair bit of damage if it feels neglected and angry, and it feels that way all the time. The negative Orphan has to win at everything. Sounds familiar? When faced with such an archetype most of us will stop and ask, what the heck is going on? This is a good question, but it temporarily brings us to Pilgrim archetypal stage. We need to understand before we can act. The better way forward is to stay in Warrior-Lover archetype. This is the balanced and sane, peaceful fighter for what is true and good. This archetype does not waste time by asking what the President "means". We know he means destruction, mayhem and greed. The Warrior-Lover will take action to stop the destructive Orphan. This is what I urge you to do.