I used to wonder at Trump’s policies and ask myself: “What on earth is he thinking?”

It’s clear to me now that he isn’t thinking, as most people understand it, at all.

This is a man who merely reacts. His reactions are based on various unexamined and crass prejudices such as: little people don’t matter; I am always right when I shout; compassion is for wusses; pussies are to be grabbed; global warming is a hoax; money is the only thing that matters.

This way of seeing the world has its advantages. Everything becomes very simple. That is – until you run up against rather complex situations like, for example, the Middle East, or China, or the American public. Oh, and Global Warming.

If Trump really were able to think then he’d be only too aware of the future problems he’s creating for himself (and the world) if only in terms of the lawsuits waiting for him for the rest of his life. But he cannot see that far. Like a small boy stuffing cake into his mouth, he doesn’t realize that he’ll throw up later.