Health Care

The Republican Health Care Proposal is ghastly. Presumably if premiums go up as much as we are led to believe then many people will be without health insurance. The trouble is that this modification of "The Health Care System" is a bit like trying to remodel your kitchen by first burning your house down, and then torching the rest of the street. Health care in the US is expensive. It is also often unnecessary. What's needed is affordable basic health care for those who need it most. What we've been offered is insurance plans that benefit only the 1%. We can improve health care by exercising more, and by removing pollutants from the environment, food, and water. We could offer nutrition education and wholesome school lunches. We could remove junk food and toxic "sodas". We could help to work on opioid addiction (all addictions, actually) -- and so on. But wait. The White House is proposing to defund those initiatives. If we do these things, though, there's a chance that doctors won't be able to medicalize conditions that are, basically, lifestyle mistakes. That means fewer patients, which means less money for big pharma. Big pharma will profit if you are prescribed a drug. If you sign up for a gym they won't. What's good for business? Making people sick is. And the Businessman in chief is going to try and make it that way.