The Nature of Us

Let us be clear - evil exists in the world. It exists in many forms and it must always be opposed and healed. The question is simply - how do we do this? Evil that is opposed ineffectively becomes entrenched. But evil that is invited to change can, very often, open new possibilities. There's not a tyrant that ever existed who actually wanted to be a tyrant, hated, despised, adored only by sycophants and the deluded. They came to it because they couldn't find any other way to feel good about themselves, and having achieved some transitory power they then had to hold on to it. As we all know, there are other ways to feel good, to feel loved and accepted. Many of our politicians are no different. They want to be adored. They want to be "successful" in terms of money and power and then wonder why no one truly respects them. Trump, for example, deeply desires to be loved. Multiple wives and affairs; placing his children in positions of power so they'll be grateful to him; making his corporate buddies even wealthier.... He wants to be liked. Yet we know that such behaviors will not make him loved. He, it seems, doesn't know this. And that is how evil grows. Evil is not only the absence of love. It is also the desire to get a substitute for love by whatever means possible. Evil is like a narcotic, much sought after and then it fails to deliver the ultimate high. So it must seek another fix. We can oppose those we love. Anyone who's ever been in a family knows about that. Perhaps loving opposition is the only way.