The Flow

We were having some plumbing work done, and I was in the basement doing the laundry. And then I hear a scratching sound. Thinking it was mice I looked for its source, only to discover the sound was coming from inside the waste water pipes. So that meant rats. I went upstairs, saw that the s-bend had been removed below the kitchen sink, and immediately covered it. You see, when the s-bend is removed the air begins to flow again, and rats further down the pipes feel it. So they come to investigate. Why does this matter? Simply because there is a flow that we can learn from. Clean water comes from the taps, is used, and flows to waste. The same thing happens with our energy, our thoughts and our inspirations. We constantly receive them so that we can use them and then make space for new ones. But if this flow is interrupted then we don't get just stasis - we get rats climbing up the pipes. We invite destructive energies in - and they will come. Use this metaphor in your life. Accept the flow of energy and don't stop it or try to control it. That will only invite the rats in.