Time and the Mind

After taking a break from blogging and Facebook posts and so on -- what do I notice? I notice how much time I have free. Well, says I, that's nice. Now I can do all those other things. Then follows a pause. What other things? What do I actually feel like doing? I know I used to have a million thoughts about stuff that I wanted and needed to do. That to-do list still exists. Somewhere. What has changed is that I don't feel like doing them anymore. In fact the blogging and FB posts (and the marketing of books, the writing of articles and so much more) took over a portion of my life and displaced all the things I actually liked doing. I discovered I'm out of the habit of doing things that re-create me. The question is a real one: can I get back to me? Well, of course I can, but while I do that I'm left noticing that, like any addiction, this one caught me hard in its grasp, and I liked it. Like any addiction it wasn't until I noticed the other costs that I held back from what I was doing. All that time at a keyboard? It was starting to give me aches and pains from too much sitting, typing. My exercise routine was disrupted by interviews and deadlines and just one more thing that needed to be written. Shoulders, eyesight, back, hips, knees, fingers -- all began to show signs of distress. I move around more, now. The aches are almost all gone. My doctor (who was all set to do surgery and give me medications) things it's a miracle. It's not. It's just about getting back to being healthy - which sometimes means treating one's body and mind as if it deserves rest, gentle treatment, and diversion.