I can honesty say that I do not understand money at all. Example: I had some money in a Bank in England. It was inherited from my mother's estate. I looked at the economic situation in England, at Brexit, at the collapse of the markets and the flight of financial institutions to Frankfurt and concluded: the British pound is dying. So I got my money out. Guess what? Since then the value of the pound has continued to go up. At the same time I thought about the US dollar. Trump in charge (nominally) and the economy in tatters for most people, with only the super wealthy likely to benefit.... I concluded that the dollar would weaken, and that the small amount of Canadian change I had left over from my last vacation would be worth even less since Canada depends so much on the US. Wrong again. The value of the Loony (as they call it) went up. Now, none of this made much of a difference to me. I think the loss in each case was equivalent to about a round of drinks and a plate of nachos. But I shall think again when I hear of markets responding with "irrational exuberance". Money has laws of its own that have little to do with reality.