Trump makes history – sort of

Our president has been accused, many times, of aspiring to become a dictator. Certainly he behaves like one, much of the time. Given the chance that is exactly what he'd become. The point we may wish to consider is that historically (in modern times) Dictators have tended to arise only in places where there has been immense poverty. So nazism was a direct result of the catastrophic collapse of the German economy. Napoleon rose to power in the aftermath of the upheaval that was The French Revolution, which left their economy in tatters. Franco took over a badly fragmented Spain. Mussolini grabbed power in an Italy that was so impoverished and divided that it was in economic collapse. In such cases the impression of the citizens was that they were without resources. So, Italy before Mussolini had very little heavy industry - and it was therefore somewhat defenseless compared to the industrial might of many of its neighbors. France before Napoleon was afraid of foreign invasions. Japan under Hirohito was starved of oil and steel, and so invaded China and then the Philippines to get what it needed. China under Mao could not feed its populace. These are the breeding grounds of Dictators. The US, by comparison, has always been wealthy beyond most people's beliefs. The natural resources here are extraordinary. This country has defied tyranny because we've had no reason to believe that tyranny will serve us any better. Trump's dubious achievement is that he persuaded a significant portion of the population that there simply isn't enough wealth to go around, and that "immigrants" are to blame. Obviously this notion is not true. This is still the richest nation on earth. There is plenty of wealth, even with that thieving 1% in charge of so much. Look around, people. Trump sold you a lie.