The Voters

What we've been told, many times by post-election analysts, is that Trump voters are those who felt Washington had ignored them and that neither party was taking them into account. That is indeed a sad situation. Yet it is no good reason for voting the way they did. America in 2016 was far from perfect. But plenty of people from all over the world were only too happy to come here in order too find a better life - a better life, notice, than most of the rest of the world could offer. Doesn't that say something? I emigrated thirty-two years ago. My own (British) government had destroyed the jobs market, so I came to the US. Since there is so much opportunity in the US, why do so many people believe that it's a dwindling resource, one to be protected by walls, expulsions of foreigners and so on? What sort of illogic is that? The answer may be something less than pleasant. Trump always felt he'd been ignored by those in power. He is also shifty, deceitful, manipulative, dishonest, entitled, frightened, and angry. What happened in the election was that these personal aspects of his character came through his speeches at a subliminal level. And you know what? He appealed to those people who were, fundamentally exactly like himself. Dishonesty spoke to dishonesty. People who liked what they saw were essentially responding to those instincts within themselves, projected onto his already unpleasant attributes. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all?