The Present Political Circus

Perhaps you've already noticed the blizzard of edicts coming from the Oval Office. These pieces of paper threaten to undo many of the protections and services we've had for many years, and nothing is going to replace them if they go. Please recognize, though, that they are not yet law, and need to be challenged. The problem is that the Oval Office is deliberately issuing far more of these than we can ever hope to deal with. It's the equivalent of speeding up the conveyor belt. The aim is simple: wear us down, wear us out. When we're exhausted then the heavy laws will be passed, and we won't have enough energy to fight back. That's what the edict maker wants. So, good people, it's absolutely OK to pace yourself. While the flurry of activity is distracting us we are very likely to have our pockets picked -- unless we know we're being "played". Personally I'm doing all I can without driving myself or others crazy. Then I'm also giving money to the ACLU and other such causes. They know all about fighting the legal issues. For me this is the equivalent of working smart.