Science and the larger world

I read with interest today (Guardian: 17 Feb.) that scientists are on the verge of de-extinctioning the woolly mammoth. In two years or so they should be able to recreate something close to this enormous creature through DNA manipulations I do not pretend to understand. So we'll have woolly mammoths, which lived in the Arctic-like Ice Age, just about the same time the Arctic ceases to exist and elephants become extinct. Forgive me if I'm underwhelmed. Now, I admire science. I love that we explore such astonishing things. What I have trouble with is science that can do amazing things when the larger world seems intent on destruction which renders science's progress useless. For example: We have ever better ways of harnessing solar and wind energy. Yet the US government is defunding that research so we can keep burning fossil fuels. We have ways of reducing pollution ready to hand, yet the US has gutted the EPA. And so on. I hope we can de-extinction the woolly mammoth, and perhaps many other species that we are, every day, eradicating. I just wish we didn't do that eradicating in the first place.