Focus, people.

George Orwell has been much mentioned recently. For the most part people have chosen to read and discuss his most famous work, 1984. In it we see the ghastly aftermath of a dictatorial government take-over of The United Kingdom. The trouble with this book is that it shows how horrible things will be after a totalitarian take-over. It doesn’t tell us how to resist one. If we shift our gaze a little we can see a different book, also by Orwell, that should perhaps be more considered. I mean Homage to Catalonia, his frequently ignored description of the Spanish Civil War. In it Orwell describes the different leftist and liberal groups that opposed the dictator Franco. While it is a book of complexity and subtlety the biggest point it makes, again and again, is that the leftists could easily have won if they had only banded together. Instead they divided according to political creed and philosophy. The Marxists argued with the Trotskyites; the Marxist–Leninists argued with the POUM (Partdio Operaio Unito Marxista) who were in turn stymied by the OUM, and so on. Franco didn’t so much win as stand by while the various factions of the left destroyed each other. While diversity is always a wonderful idea, what we need to do is focus on defeating Trump. That means we all agree to choose a specific aspect of what he has done (his taxes might be a good place to start) and then we use all our force to impeach him. Immense pressure on one specific point will stop him in his tracks. The Republicans taught us this. Think of the Clintons and Whitewater; think of Bill Clinton and Lewinski; think of Obama and the birth certificate; and so on. The specific target matters less than the powerful ability to do damage using any target at all. It’s time to focus. Let’s do it before it’s too late.