I wish you love

Teaching my class on the Grimms' tales the other day a young woman suggested that a king who fell in love with a picture of a princess is "cursed". I thought this idea fascinating. Love -- passionate and unrealistic and idealistic love for something one sees in another -- can be a blessing or a curse. When we love like that we simply have to do something about it, and that action can open our hearts. It can also feel like an overturning of everything we know. That's why some people see it as a curse. It upsets everything. And that can feel like torture. And that's the point -- it's an opportunity to change everything we know, to become fully human, perhaps. So, next time someone annoys you, disgusts you, or infuriates you, simply wish them the experience of this passionate loving for another. It will either change them utterly, or be torture. I'd like certain politicians to experience this love. I wish them to experience a love that will humanize them.