This afternoon as I gazed from the window I caught a flash of movement across the back garden. I looked again, and another quick movement. Whatever it was had gone into the shade and was up-sun of me. Then I saw it; a Northern Harrier had killed and was eating a sparrow (I think) and was now scattering feathers across the ground.It stayed there, feeding, for about 20 minutes. At first I thought how cool it was to see a raptor here in the city. Then i thought about the poor sparrow. Then I found myself thinking that a hawk was of more value than a sparrow. Wait. Really? Both are birds; both are lives. So are some lives of more value than others? Then I found myself thinking that "this was the way of Nature". Some creatures must die and be eaten, clearly, and sparrows are worth less than Hawks. But then I caught myself. That may be true of Nature, and that's fine. But this, where we live, this is Society; and Society stands against the savagery of Nature. It values all lives because we don't have to prey on each other. We don't have to victimize any person or class of people. Society has evolved specifically to offset that. Let us remember that we live in a Society -- and that no matter what legislation is forced on us we are not going to regress to a state of Nature.