The Presidency

One of the things about the new presidency is the subtle knock-on effect of his speeches and actions that, when multiplied by millions of citizens, can become catastrophic. I'll give a simple example. If I believe my government cares about the environment I'm much more likely to recycle my household items responsibly, take care about litter, and think about my carbon footprint and how to reduce it. Now, when a president arrives who openly favors fossil fuel use over solar and wind power, who is determined to revitalize the polluting power of coal, and who guts the EPA, then -- gradually I begin to look at my efforts to consume and pollute less and say: "What the hell difference will it make if I act responsibly? Placing this empty can in the right bin won't offset fracking, those oil pipelines and global climate degradation." Now multiply that by every citizen in the US. Multiply that again by every current belief system, such as taking care of the poor, the homeless, the disadvantaged -- and any other cause you can name. Can you see how this goes? Our job is to keep the faith and do what's right simply because it's the right thing to do.