Several people have written, deeply puzzled, asking about manifesting and wondering how Trump managed to get to where he is. Is that, they ask, how manifesting works? Do we have to lie and cheat and make back-room deals to get where we need to be? The point about manifesting is that we get what we are, not what we want. That's an often repeated maxim, but it has never been truer than now. Trump is a power and money hungry egomaniac, and what he has manifested is a situation in which he has power and money but no certainty, although he has plenty of mania. He has achieved his ends but without any sense of personal peace. Personal peace cannot come to him until he realizes that all his striving will not produce it. He hungers for power - so the universe gives him more hunger. He cares deeply about money - so what the universe gives him is more cares around the issues of money. He wants respect - so what the universe gives him is a situation in which he wants it more than ever, and isn't getting it. He has manifested a situation of wanting. He should be lesson to us. The Law of Manifestation does not discriminate between good and bad. It just is, like gravity. It does ask us some important questions, though, about who we are at the core of our being. Trump has never asked those questions. If we are to manifest the best version of ourselves we have to start by being the best version of that self we are capable of being. That takes work, and care, and love. Are you ready to do that?